This is a first post (and, really, kind of an experiment) on the new website. Still, the topic is one I’ve been thinking about. I’m a journalism teacher who needs to carve out time to write more.

Looking at the next couple months, I know the thing I need to do is to set a time every day to work on my own writing, even if it goes no place. Prior to teaching (mostly) I did take on freelance projects and even did some creative stuff (prior to having kids.) Teaching the past three years, understandably, has consumed a lot of time with planning and grading and more. When I have gotten downtime, I usually end of watching something on Netflix rather than tackling something more challenging. My intent is to try and change that.

I tell students that the only way to get better at writing is to do lots of writing, and I believe that. And I’ve more than done my share of sitting at a keyboard. It’s time to get back to that keyboard to pursue some goal for myself (or an agreed upon project) instead of plugging in grades or conjuring Keynote presentations out of my laptop.

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